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The Executive Minister - a most important person

In a get-together of married couples where husbands expressed appreciation to their wives in front of everybody, our non-Filipino head deacon told his wife "Ikaw ang buhay ko" — Filipino for "you are my life".

Was our head deacon blasphemously making his own wife equal to God?  Didn't he know that it is God who is truly our life; that without God we wouldn't be here?

To most people, the answer is obvious.  He was not speaking in absolute terms.  

Most people understand that we often use terms in the absolute sense even though we are just speaking in a relative or more qualified sense.

If you fail to recognize this kind of language usage, you would misunderstand others.  Just like those who get offended when they hear a few church members refer to our Executive Minister as pinakamahalagang tao sa mundo (the most important person in the world).  

When some brethren refer to the Executive Minister as "most important person", they are not saying that he is more valuable than any other person in the world.  Neither do they mean that he is more important than Christ, as detractors maliciously imply.   Far from it, the brethren strongly believe that we are all equally valuable before God.  We are all brothers and sisters and we have only one Lord and master - Jesus the Christ.

But although we are all equally valuable, we have been given different gifts and roles within the body of Christ.  We particularly recognize the unique office of the Executive Minister and its importance in relation to the faith of brethren worldwide.  It is in this qualified sense that some brethren consider the one who holds such an office to be the most important person in the world.

Christians have in fact always believed in the utmost importance of the office of the Executive Minister.  Brethren during the first-century demonstrated this by placing high regard to the decisions of the then Executive Minister Apostle James, particularly to his judgment regarding the issue raised at the Council of Jerusalem.

Not only did the apostles and elders respected James' decision, they also obeyed his instructions to inform the entire church of his decision by writing the brethren a letter; and the brethren"read it and were glad for its encouraging message".

Church of Christ members today similarly place high regard to the decisions of the present Executive Minister.

To be honest, I refrain from using such terms though; not because I don't believe in the importance of the Executive Minister and his office but to avoid being misunderstood.  As Apostle Paul said, everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.  I understand though if other members want to use such kind of language.

For me, there's actually another "most important person" — my wife.  She's my life!  And she's a goddess (diyosa ng kagandahan!).