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About Site

Iglesia-Ni-Cristo.org is the personal site of an INC or Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) convert. The purpose of this site is to provide a more accurate account of what Church of Christ members believe. The author also hopes to discuss orthodox Christian beliefs that he previously held but have discovered to be different from what the Bible teaches.

This site is not an official website of the Iglesia ni Cristo. Its contents may not perfectly reflect the beliefs of the INC. If you need to know the official doctrinal stand of the Church, please inquire at your nearest Iglesia ni Cristo chapel.

About the Author

I am Carmelo L. Uno, a recent convert to the Iglesia ni Cristo. I was born and raised a Catholic but while attending college I met a group of students who introduced me to "Protestant" ideas and this lead me to becoming "Evangelical" for a few years.

A few months ago, I met an Iglesia ni Cristo member who invited me to an INC "Pamamahayag" or bible exposition. I had never been to an INC bible exposition before but I had heard a few things about their beliefs from our pastors. I declined the invitation to the bible study and took the opportunity to introduce him the gospel (i.e. protestant gospel). I politely told him that he should not just listen to what INC ministers tell him and that he should try to read the Bible on his own. To my surprise, he told me that he owns many different bible versions and he regularly reads the Bible!

Many evangelical pastors propagate the wrong information that Iglesia ni Cristo members are forbidden by their ministers to read the Bible. Even the veteran Evangelical missions and church leader Tino Ruivivar wrote in his book that "the INC does not allow its members to read or study the Bible on their own."

As I found out from my INC friend, NEVER have they been forbidden to read or study the bible on their own.  Clearly, the allegations of many religious preachers are false. This discovery prompted me to research more about the INC.  This is also what motivated me to create a site like this.

I hope that this site will help you in your research about the Iglesia ni Cristo.