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Grand plan to cheat in 2016

SOURCE: http://www.tribune.net.ph/commentary/grand-plan-to-cheat-in-2016
AUTHOR: Ninez Cacho-Olivares

Even prior to the crisis that hit the Iglesia ni Cristo, it was fairly evident that the INC bloc vote of some 3 million wouldn’t go to the administration standard bearer, Mar Roxas, who was endorsed, along with Noynoy, by the INC in 2010.

Signs were all over for observers to note that the relationship between the INC and the administration had been deteriorating for some time.

It is not surprising then that when the crisis hit the INC with a claimed abduction of some Iglesia ministers and their expulsion, Justice chief Leila de Lima had this investigated by her National Bureau of Investigation which, after its probe, said there was no abduction, yet de Lima insisted on pursuing the case of “serious illegal detention” against the INC leadership, despite denials and personal appearances from those who had been reported missing and abducted.

Not surprising either was the yellow media doing their usual trial and conviction by publicity on the perceived political foes of Noynoy and his administration. And make no mistake about it. The Palace considers the INC as its political foes and threat to their grand scheme to cheat massively at the polls.
De Lima went a step further. She placed the claimed “abducted” minister under the witness protection plan and insisted on having a hearing on the charges leveled by this expelled INC minister against the Iglesia council members.

All this persecution of the Iglesia leaders from Noynoy and Mar Roxas has to do with the 2016 presidential polls and the game plan is to divide the INC and render useless its solid vote come every election day.

This game plan of Noynoy and Mar was more or less confirmed by the lawyer of the expelled INC minister Isaias Samson Jr., Trixie Angeles, who was quoted as saying that those behind Samson’s abduction were “running scared,” and that politicians who are banking on the Iglesia vote don’t realize that the INC bloc vote no longer exists, given the given the crisis within the sect.

As she put it: “They (politicians) don’t realize that the church is divided now. The much vaunted bloc vote may not materialize anymore,” Angeles said.

“If this (situation) continues, we may be looking at the end of the (political) influence the INC. Its leaders have cooked their own goose. Ironic that their greed has led to this,” she said.

That, in sum, is the real intent of Noynoy and Mar, along with their politicians: To create the perception that the INC is now divided, with its members no longer obeying the directives from their governing council and chief minister Eduardo Manalo.

This is why de Lima, on orders of Noynoy and Mar, helped greatly by the yellow media, paints the INC as guilty of having abducted its ministers while generating that perception that the INC is no longer politically solid.

Members of the INC are known to follow directives from the sect’s leadership under the threat of expulsion, enabling the group to deliver votes to politicians endorsed by its leaders.

It is no secret that under this Aquino administration, selective justice reigns supreme. Allies and cronies of Noynoy, despite hard evidence of corruption against them, are never investigated and charged in court. Only the perceived foes that pose a political threat to their dream of political longevity are quickly charged and jailed.

In the case of the Iglesia, as long as the politicians and the entire nation no longer see the Iglesia as a powerful political vote, the administration’s game plan of cheating its way to victory through the fraudulent PCOS (precinct count optical scan), his victory would be found credible. After all, with the INC vote no longer perceived to be in existence, there would be no bandwagon effect for candidates who have not been endorsed by the INC. Three million solid votes are sizable in any presidential polls, considering the fact that the INC has always been a swing vote in every election.

Erap Estrada, in 2010, lost the presidential election to Noynoy but would have won it, had the Iglesia not endorsed Noynoy.

The Palace will naturally deny that it is planning to cheat its way to victory in 2016, but all the signs are there for all to see, the way the administration is doing all it can to portray the INC as a divided church, and with the ministers losing control over its flock.

All signs point to a grand game plan of the administration to ensure the electoral victory of its standard bearer through massive fraudulent polls. The PCOS machines, the Commission on Elections and the yellow surveys have already been tapped for this.

It happened in 2010 and in 2013. It is certain to happen again in 2016, especially when the stakes are too high for the administration to lose the polls after 2016.