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Thank you, INC

SOURCE:  http://www.tribune.net.ph/commentary/thank-you-inc
AUTHOR: Larry Faraon

The Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) church may be fanning its own nightmares about how the justice system in this country works, courtesy of the likes of Secretary of Justice Leila de Lima and her cohorts. 

The church members hit it right to rally in front of the offices of the Department of Justice (DoJ).

We cannot blame the INC members to take their case to the streets and command a show of force against the biased treatment and selective justice of Secretary Leila de Lima.

As of this writing, they are now converging at Edsa, specifically where the 1986 People Power all happened.

Having of course, ears and eyes on the political movements and governance in this country, the INC is in an apprehensive mode on how Secretary de Lima handles cases filed in her office beginning with the bias and selective justice she had applied to the three opposition senators: Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla, now languishing in detention at Camp Crame.

The church leadership fears that case filed by an expelled minister Isaias Samson, namely illegal detention, threats, coercion, harassment against the 12-member Sanggunian or council would suffer the same biased and unfair treatment under the nose of the secretary.

Chief evangelist Bienvenido Santiago and the council may be seeing the same pattern used by the department against the three senators in handling the case between Samson and the INC council.

For instance, De Lima was present to coach Isaias Samson in making his affidavit of complaint. She did that before at the NBI offices when she gave her utmost attention to flawed whistleblower Benhur Luy and Ruby Tuason against the three senators even if their testimonies had more holes than concrete. She even granted Tuason an audience in Singapore in order to concoct damning evidence against Sen. Jinggoy Estrada. 

Secretary de Lima is putting Samson under the Witness Protection Program, which she also did to Luy, Tuason and other whistleblowers, stamping credibility to whatever Samson says with or without evidentiary basis.

Soon the justice secretary would prowl about the finances and monies of the religious group which actually are being alleged as the genesis of all the issues besetting the group today. As usual, the functions or Anti-money Laundering Council even without previous authorization from the courts would be summoned to expose bank accounts and transactions in a manner that is selective and malicious in presentation, exactly what they did with Estrada and Revilla and more recently, opposition presidential aspirant Vice President Jejomar Binay.

The yellow media would be on hand to compliment the public exposure in creating an impression of corruption and wrongdoings of the accused.

The INC members are much aware of this when they harassed ABS-CBN reporters covering the event and chanted their ire on the network with “Biased, biased, biased!”

Next phase would be in the vicinity of Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales who would claim “prima facie” evidence based on De Lima’s summary and start ordering arrests and detention! Exactly, what they did to the three senators. And the story goes.

And who wouldn’t be so scared with this kind of biased and selective process of justice? The INC is no exception. It and its members rightly took their fears into the streets.

The INC members may have their own issues against De Lima and the government such as the separation of the church and state affairs, the negligence of the DoJ on pinning down the culprits in the Mamasapano carnage which victims numbered two of their members, an issue that could go all the way up to the president.

This issue, however, directed against Secretary Leila De Lima’s biased and selective justice reflects the general sentiment of the Filipino people. It’s just fitting for them to assemble at Edsa... where national sentiments and causes are fanned out! There is always a place for just anger toward biased and selective justice.

We will be grateful to the INC for bringing the matter to the streets and refuse intimidating machinations of a flawed justice employed in Padre Faura.

And as for Secretary de Lima, our advice is for her to abandon her senatorial ambitions, for obvious reasons!